Cancer Protocols and Dosage

Vitamin B17 (Laetrile – Amygdalin) 500 mg: Two (2) of these tablets taken three (3) times daily. This is nontoxic, however you may get very nauseous and have gastric upset if you start out with the full amount. The tablet size is 500 mg. If you have difficulty, the tablets may be broken up and added to soft food.


You have to decide whether to have an empty stomach or not. After the initial 60 days of this amount of vitamin B17 a maintenance dose of 3 tablets per day for the following six months to a year is recommended according to the severity of the cancer. If the cancer had metastasized, take three tablets a day for life.


For the apricot seeds and/or tablets (start out with a low dosage and build up). It is okay if you cannot handle the full dosages that we speak of – use Ginger tea to stop upsets. Some patients (according to the severity) take up to eighteen 500 mg tablets per day for the first month.