Scientific Cancer Facts

Vitamin B17 was believed by scientists and also medical experts that able to help our body in order to fight Cancerous cells. This vitamin is normally in most of your daily foods but its plentiful contains in the seeds of non-citrus fruits for instance apricot kernels, apple seeds and also nuts. Foods with a high content of Vitamin B17 are called nitrilosides.

Because of the reasons, some nuts and fruit pits were extracted commercially to produce vitamin B17 in large quantity. Today, this vitamin also can be found in tablet-form for daily taken. When we eat foods that containing this vitamin, our body will be naturally reacting to eliminate Cancerous cells. Most of animals are instinctively have this nature’s Cancer prevention.

Vitamin B17 usually is not scientifically recognized as a vitamin. The vitamin which is also known as Amygdalin or Laetrile is composing from two molecules of glucose (a sugar) and a molecule of benzaldehyde and one molecule of hydrocyanic acid. It is can be found in most fruit seeds, primarily apricot seeds.

There is also a fact that we should consider prior to use Vitamin B17. It had been tested by researchers and the result shown that Vitamin B17 contains cyanide which is very dangerous for our health. Therefore, the most important things is we need to know the facts about Cyanide. Cyanide, chemically combination of carbon-hydrogen atoms is always synonymous with a deadly poison. Cyanide which is believed contains in vitamin B17 will selectively poisoned the Cancer cells and leave the healthy cells alone. But hydrogen cyanide is really not good to our health and we could die by cyanide poisoning. People with already compromised immune systems are at serious risk for cyanide poisoning when they take this vitamin.

Finally, Cancer is not easy to cure. By using this vitamin is one of the options in treatment of Cancer but it should have guidance by medical experts prior to take it. Medical experts also will advise you to avoid overdosing that can be brought fatality. Nevertheless, until today, there has been no decisive data have been reported the effectiveness of vitamin B17 in Cancer prevention. Meanwhile, all the information provided in this article is only for our references and guidance.