How does Vitamin B17 Therapy work?

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As per the Cancer Society, over half a million Americans die from cancer every year. 1 out of 3 will develop cancer at a point in their life, which translates to about 80 million people in the US alone. The matter you’re about to read isn’t approved by orthodox medicine. The American Cancer Society, American Medical Association and FDA have labeled it as “quackery” and “fraud”. As a matter of fact, the FDA and other government agencies have used all their powers in order to prevent citizens to learn about this. Arrests have been made wherever public meetings were held to educate people on this subject. Books and Films have been confiscated. Doctors have been prosecuted who have applied these methods for saving their patients’ lives. aims to educate you on how you can end the suffering and pain of your loved and dear ones, purely on the basis of available scientific knowledge. The info you’re about to read talks about the evidence which proves that cancer is in fact, a nutritional deficiency illness, just like pellagra or scurvy. It isn’t caused by virus, bacteria or some mysterious toxin, but due to the absence of a nutrient which we have unfortunately removed from our diet. This nutrient is Vitamin B-17, also known by the names- Laetrile or Amygdalin. The prevention and treatment can be made simple, by restoring this inexpensive and easily obtainable nutrient to our daily food intake. A growing number of doctors have proven and tested this in their clinics, that this method of Vitamin-based cancer treatment is 100% truth. As you read through the pages on this website, you will come to know that there is in fact, a lot of evidence supporting this concept of nutritional deficiency, more than sufficient to convince you that this thesis is an actually a proven fact. It may not be approved by organized medicine but there is clear evidence, that B-17 is really the solution to the cancer puzzle.

Vitamin B17 Therapy is divided into three parts:

It is extremely important to follow all three parts as they work together in fighting cancer. It has been found that patients who showed good results initially but lost their way in between (deviated from the prescribed diet, for example) had a resurgence of cancer. However, as soon as they were back on the prescribed diet regime, cancer receded. The below-mentioned steps are the usual steps followed during Vitamin B17 therapy. This may vary depending on the patient’s condition, type & stage of cancer as well as the recommendations from the doctor. 1. Begin with changed diet and supplements for the first 2 weeks before beginning with a high dosage of Vitamin B17. As per the experts, the most important consideration is to get the maximum amount of B17 in minimum possible time. Having said that, there are two more things to take care. First, if the cancer is widespread, you may experience side effects like nausea and giddiness if you intake high doses of B17. Second, B17 is also effective in lowering blood pressure and if you already suffer from low blood pressure, it is important that the therapy is carefully monitored by an expert. Therefore, it is best to increase the dose gradually for the first few days, starting with half 500-milligram tablet a day and drinking a lot of water (at least 6 glasses per day). In fact, some doctors don’t begin laetrile until patients have taken sufficient dose of vitamins & enzymes and have followed the recommended diet regime. Therefore, increasing the dose gradually seems the best option while the body adjusts to mineral, enzymes & multivitamins and the new diet plan as well the detoxification. So it would seem a good idea to increase the number of kernels or tablets taken very gradually over a period of ten days or so, while also adjusting to the multivitamin/mineral and other supplements suggested, getting used to the change in diet and to the detoxification taking place. 2. After the initial adjustment with diet & supplements is done, start with a high dosage of laetrile. The recommended dose is 6 X 500 mg B17 tablets per day. If you haven’t started yet with B17 and were only taking supplements & following a diet plan, you should start with half a 500 mg tablet per day and increase gradually. If you’re taking both tablets and Apricot kernels, it is recommended to have a gap of 2 hours between taking them. When high doses of B17 tablets are taken, no. of kernels can be reduced. 3. Maintenance Once cancer has receded, the dose is lowered to 2-3 tablets of 500mg a day, indefinitely. It is important for prevention & re-occurrence of cancer, that therapy is continued indefinitely. Diet regime and supplement dosage may also change depending on the patient’s condition.